Swim School

Swimming lessons for kids

Join our friendly and qualified swimming instructors, as they give your child the skills they need to be safe around water.

Here are six great reasons to join our swim school.

  • 1. Small Classes – Guaranteed one-on-one time with your child.
  • 2. Convenience – For both classes and assessments, seven days a week.
  • 3. Temperature-controlled Pools – Year-round comfort. Warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • 4. Qualified Teachers – Who understand the needs of children of all ages.
  • 5. Free Pool Access – For students at any time.
  • 6. Family Friendly Spaces – Family change areas on site

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Enrol Now

Fill out our simple enquiry form, and we will contact you within 72 hours to discuss your enrolment.



Per Lesson $21.50
Squad $20.50
Private Lesson: 1 student / 1 instructor (half hour) $47.50
Private Lesson: 2 students / 1 instructor (half hour) $85.00
10% Off Family Discount – 10% discount on the third child onward.  
50% Off Regular Swim Discount – 50% off Squad/Adult (from your second session per week onward)  

Bookings essential. Pay per lesson via Direct Debit (two weeks in advance).


Swim School Levels

Swimming classes at Adelaide Aquatic Centre start with three levels for infants. We then offer five primary levels for your child's development. 

1. Platypus

  • Floating on front with/without assistance
  • Kicking with a kickboard on front and back
  • Independent propulsion through water using arms and legs
  • Safe entries

2. Octopus

  • Relaxed floats on back and front without aids
  • Freestyle with bilateral breathing and backstroke
  • Signaling for help

3. Seals

  • Freestyle and backstroke continuously for 20 metres with correct technique
  • Survival backstroke kick
  • Submerged swimming

4. Yabbies

  • Freestyle and backstroke continuously for 50 metres with correct technique
  • Breaststroke kick with correct technique for 25 metres
  • Introduction to tumble turns
  • Survival backstroke

5. Dolphins

  • Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and dolphin kick
  • Introducing the use of flippers for stroke development
  • Deep water confidence
  • Sculling, sidestroke and step in entry

We also have learn to swim class for teenagers and adults, and our Squad for advanced swimmers.


Check out our FAQ. Or give us a call on 8203 7665 or email swimschool@cityofadelaide.com.au