Spa Centre

Relax and unwind in our Spa Centre

You had a long day. The kids were yelling, you had the in-laws over, and you still haven't done the washing for the week.

That’s ok. You deserve a chance to unwind. To relax a little and put your feet up. 

Take a spa dip in our spa Centre. The spa is just for adults (no kids allowed!). The water is heated to 37°Cand the bubbles will hit all the pressure points.

Or relax in our original European steam room imported direct from Sweden. Heated to a steamy 45°C, steam away the rest of the world.

Or go all out in our saua – with temperature maintained at 75°C. Our dry air Sauna is constructed from western red cedar, and does not require water to be added to hot rocks – so sit back and relax.

Everything 100% safe-chemical washed and cleaned, with disinfected surfaces. And the whole area is free with your admission to the Centre, so pop in and relax.

Opening Hours

The Spa Centre includes our two spas, Sauna, and Steam Room. You must be over 16 years of age to use these areas.

Monday–Friday 6:00am–8:45pm
Saturday–Sunday 7:00am–6:45pm
Public Holidays 7:00am–6:45pm