Pool Inflatables

Make your kids think you’re the best parent ever with ‘The Hammerhead’ Pool Inflatable

We all want the best for our kids. Even if their lifelong goal is to be Australia’s next Ninja Warrior.

Here at the centre, our obstacle is called The Hammerhead. A huge inflatable monster of a creature with climbing pipes, tricky turns and difficult spaces to balance. Guaranteed to keep your child in the pool and out of your hair.

Before every school holiday, we get asked: is The Hammerhead coming back?

The answer is, yes!

Our Hammerhead inflatable will be in the Dive Pool every: Friday, Saturday & Sunday (12noon–4pm) of the school holidays.

What makes this even better is it's FREE with your admission. Your child just needs to be over 8 years old, and able to swim.

Word of warning: when temperatures are forecast to reach 35C – there's too many people wanting to swim, and we have to make space and put The Hammerhead away

Oh, and PS: We hear the Hammerhead eats little kids?!?  But we’re not sure. We’ve never heard any complaints!