Gym Membership

Gym & Swim membership gives you a full body work-out under one roof.

We all know that health is the most important thing. Good health gives you more time to spend with friends and family doing the things you love.

But let’s be honest. Your calendar is packed. Who has time to drive around Adelaide for separate cardio, weight, swimming, yoga training?

That’s why we’ve put it all in one safe place – Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

Work up a sweat with our cardio machines – twelve treadmills, six bikes, four rowers, two vertical climbers – and build that body with our squat racks, press benches, free weights and machines.

Then relax in the knowledge of a job well-done with a quick swim and a spa session.

You don't have to do it alone

Joining a gym can be a daunting experience. That's why our staff are always nearby to guide you through how everything works, and you’ll get a free induction when you join. 

To help you track your progress, you will get a free private 3D Body Scan with one of our professionals, who will give you specific, actionable feedback to develop a program that’s right for you.

Plus, the gym is a great place to be social, so you get all our group fitness classes (from high-intensity interval training to low-impact yoga and Pilates) absolutely free. 

So be part of the community and start today for less than $20 a week.

Join local Adelaideans – from retirees to mums and dads (leave the kids in our free creche!) – all reaching towards the same goal: to get fit and stay healthy.

And we know that life can throw you curve balls. So when you join us, you can always hit that pause button, and suspend your membership for up to 28 days in a row. So take that family trip to the Barossa, safe in the comfort that your healthy lifestyle awaits your return.

But hurry, we cap out the number of memberships, so everyone gets the time they need to meet their fitness goals.

Joining is as easy as 1–2–3.

Simply fill out the form below and within 72 hours our friendly staff will:

  1. Have a quick chat about the best membership for you
  2. Give you the paperwork to fill in your details
  3. Get you started your first session as a member

Enquiries are free and there is no obligation to buy. No sign-up fees for joining. No hidden charges. 

Make an equiry today and join us.

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PS The best time to start a fitness routine was ten years ago. The second-best time is today. See you there.